Desert Fox Dual Purpose Helmet

The Desert Fox dual purpose helmet is new to the marked. All knew dynamic ventilation to make the Desert Fox helmet breathable. Desert Fox has also designed the helmet to reduce noise with a removable chin guard and vents that is situated at just the right angles to reduce the wind but still keep the helmet cool. The 4 pins on the peak is newly developed ensuring the peak of any wind turbulence. Desert Fox Helmets are ECE approved.



Desert Fox Enduro Pure Carbon Kevlar Adventure Helmet

The worlds lightest Dual Sport Adventure Helmet?

Starting at 1050g it well may be.

After a long day in the saddle, your neck and body will feel the difference.

The benefits of this ultra-lightweight adventure helmet go beyond its dramatic weight savings.
5 days of hand construction utilizing pure Carbon Kevlar ensures a helmet with the highest strength-to-weight ratio possible, for any form of motorcycle helmet construction.