Your motorcycle's tyre pressure is one of the most important safety and maintenance checks you can perform. After all, this is the only thing holding you off the ground.
Motorcycle tires should always be checked before each ride to make sure they are inflated correctly, so it pays to have a robust air pump handy. 
But what do you do if you get a flat while on the road?
There are many 12V compressors being sold but virtually all of these simply do not have the power to adequately inflate or pop the bead of a tubeless tyre. They may look the part but when you need it most it quickly becomes apparent that you will more than likely be left stranded far from help.
We believe we have the ultimate in mini compressors. Small, compact and VERY powerful this air compressor is tailor made by the manufacturer for tough off-road conditions.
� Voltage: DC 12 Volt
� Dual purpose cigarette/Hella/BMW plug 
� Pressure gauge integrated into hose with Bar and PSI readings
� Pressure gauge has aluminium fittings , not fragile plastic   
� Die-cast aluminium compressor with direct drive technology
� Stainless steel valves
� Extremely robust solid construction 
� Specifically designed for tough dusty conditions. Unit is completely sealed
� Integrated on/off switch built into the body of the pump
� Inflates a deflated BMW R1200GS rear tyre in ± 90 seconds to 2 Bar
� Maximum capacity 8 Bar
� Maximum continuous running time 8 minutes
� Compact - 16 cm long X 5 cm wide
� Its compact size allows for storage under the seat of numerous bikes
� Supplied with a zipped and buckled nylon carry bag for complete protection
At last an affordable compact travel air compressor for dual sport motorcycles and sport-touring. Now flat tyres are a breeze to re-inflate with this compact high capacity pump.