Ribzz camping stretcher

Weights only 1.4kgs!  Pack Small  - 40cm x 12cm x 12 cm


Fits inside even small backpacker tents or sleeping bag.

Sleeps up to 100kgs.




No more waking up during the night with a mattress that�s deflated or broken valves!
No more patching or getting wet while sleeping. Ideal for hikers, over landers, expeditions, camping, motorcycling adventures, extreme endurance races, as additional beds for visitors and children.





·          Camp almost anywhere on top of rocks, roots, snow, thorns

·          Saves space and weight.

·          Easy to assemble.

·          Can even be used with torn sail or missing poles. Sleeps 2cm to 5cm off the ground.

·          No inflation needed! Never struggle with a blow-up mattress again!

·          Made with tall people in mind as well

·          Material is a rip-stop material that is mold, rot and UV resistant.

·          Sail is completely waterproof.

·          Cool in summer

·          By adding a small pad on top for the winter you will not feel any cold