Mitas Dual Purpose Motorcycle tyres


MITAS has production plants in Prague, Zlín, Otrokovice and Serbia, in which it makes a wide range of tyres of off-the-road tyres. Their products include, in particular, tyres for all types of motorcycles.( Off road,Moto Cross and Adventure / Dual Sport) The Mitas E-07 has become one of the most highly rated 50/50 dual sport / adventure tyres internationally and has been used on many "around the world" trips with outstanding reviews. Over 20 000 kms is not unheard of on this tyre with the average service life probably around 15 000 km (however this is VERY dependent on your right wrist). If you are looking for the best 50/50 dual sport tyre, then your search is over! This tyre will suit most dual sport bikes supporting 130,140 and 150 size tyres in 17 and 18 " and it has also been used on large bore bikes that normally use 150 size tyres like the KTM 990 and 1190/1290 due to its larger size.Also available in 17" for the R 1200 GS and F 800 GS more

Listed below


Rear tyres E-07

  • - 130/80-17.
  • - 140/80-17.
  • - 140/80-18.
  • - 150/70-17.
  • - 150/70-18.

Font Tyres E-07:

  • - 90/90-21.
  • - 110/80-19.

Mitas E-09 Dakar

If you are looking for a tyre that offers great traction and handling in the most demanding terrain and yet also offers good mileage on the road, then the Mitas E 09 is for you! The Mitas E-09 offers incredible offroad performance as it has proved in the Dakar numerous times, yet it also somehow outlasts all its competitors! You will not find a better value for money "knobbly" for your Adventure bike. I have a Angola trip report back from someone on a BMW 1200GS with 6500 km and still +- 50% tread left!

Rear tyres E-09:

  • - 130/80-17 DAKAR.
  • - 130/80-18 DAKAR.
  • - 140/80-17 DAKAR.
  • - 140/80-18 DAKAR.
  • - 150/70-17 DAKAR.
  • - 150/70-18 DAKAR.

Front tyres E-09

  • - 90/90-21 DAKAR.
  • - 110/80-19 DAKAR.

Mitas E-10

The Charlie Boorman choice. The new Mitas E 10 tread has been developed specifically as a universal Dual Sport tyre for the big bore dual sport bikes like the BMW R 1200 GS and Yamaha 1200 Super Tenere. Thanks to its tread pattern, the Mitas E-10 is suitable for use on and off road offering high mileage on and offroad with tests in Europe and North Africa indicating mileage between 8 and 10 000 km. It is probably the best Dual Sport tyre for big-bore bikes on the market. All sizes will be available only in category T (speeds of up to 210 km/h).

Rear tyres E-10:

  • - 140/80-18.
  • - 150/70-17.
  • - 150/70-18.

Front tyres E-10

  • - 110/80-19.
  • - 90/90-12.