Kaoko soft luggage



Kaoko's Soft Luggage was designed and developed through experience in extreme riding adventures by men who appreciate the value of simplicity and thorough testing. The NAMIB SERIES soft luggage introduced in 2006 in DESERT SAND Colour is manufactured in extra strong, double lined waterproof fabric. There are plastic insertions sewn into the luggage so that bag shape is maintained. Reflective strips sewn onto bags provide extra nightime safety. Soft bags are more compact and vibration resistant than hard luggage, therefore, when the terrain gets tough and rugged, Kaoko� soft luggage should be first choice. more

Most motorcycles


Kaoko's Soft Luggage Rear Bags:

  • - Very handy and useful size.
  • - 34cm x 24cm x 20cm, 16 litres, expandable to 28,5cm high, 23 litres, easily fitting a helmet.
  • - Designed to fit most ENDURO, SPORTS and TOURING motorcycles.
  • - Can generally fit either laterally or longitudinally on rear end of bike.
  • - The webbing tie down straps are supplied extra long and are to be trimmed to suit the model of motorcycle.
  • - Includes a waterproof internal bag.
  • - Has two side pouches and an internal document pouch.
  • - Has safety reflective strips sewn onto back and sides.

Kaoko's Saddle Bags:

  • - High strength rip-stop, waterproof and UV resistant material.
  • - Replaces need for hard panniers altogether.
  • - Ergonomically designed to minimize wind resistance.
  • - No framework/structure needed to support saddle bags.
  • - 25 litres capacity each side.
  • - Waterproof bags that suit internal profile of saddle bags included. This feature enables the user to simply pre-pack his/her luggage into the removable waterproof bags and slide them into the saddle bags without removing the saddle bags from the bike. Very convenient!
  • - Carefully positioned tie down straps to ensure firm mounting to bike. Additional strapping provided to allow fitting to a variety of bikes.
  • - Specifically designed for the R1200GS/ADV, R1150GS/ADV, and R1100GS, but saddle bags do fit some other makes and models of motorcycle.
  • - Reflective material for night riding.
  • - Genuine leather backing provides reinforcing and a smooth scratch free surface to rest on the bike.
  • - Does not restrict movement and comfort of pillion rider.
  • - Compact, light and easily transportable.