ICO Racing Rallye VR Light Computer Kit


The ICO Racing Rallye VR Light Computer Kit is the perfect instrument for your next Rally and reckoned as the most trusted rally computer in the more

One size.


ICO Racing Rallye VR Light Computer Kit includes:

  • - Rallye VRL™ computer.
  • - 3-button remote thumb switch.
  • - Sensor kit with bracket.
  • - Includes aluminum plate for mounting computer to handlebar clamps.
  • - Magnet kit.
  • - Power cable.
  • - Instruction manual.

ICO Racing Rallye VR Light Computer Kit features:

  • - Dimensions : 200x125x75 mm, excluding knobs.
  • - Weight : 850 gr. (excluding remote and mounting kit).

F2R 730 Roadbook Reader kit includes:

  • -Wheel Size: Program from 0 to 999 centimeters in increments of 1 centimeter. This allows accuracy down to 5 meters per kilometer.Odometer easily adjustable to match route.
  • -Distance: Use the handlebar thumb switch to choose either 00.00 or 000.0 kilometers for each race event. Total distance stored into permanent memory.Trip distance from each ride can be viewed and zeroed. Full total distance on the instrument can be viewed.
  • -Clock: Reads hours & minutes in 24:00 format.The display is backlit for good viewing in low light, or totally dark conditions. Clock display can be disabled. Clock runs full time, even while the instrument is off.
  • -Peak Speed: Displays also the top speed reached during an event.Peak speed captured, stored & can be cleared. Speed and odometer can be set for miles or kilometers.
  • -Batteries: Replaceable (2) "CR2032" Lithium, approximately 200 hours of ON time.Automatic shut off after 2 hours of no activity.
  • -Battery Backup: This instrument is designed to be powered from the motorcycle’s 12V battery during normal usage. Rider-replaceable backup batteries allow emergency use to keep the odometer functional in case the wires to the motorcycle’s battery become disconnected.
  • -Instrument Head: .
  • - Aluminum plate for mounting instrument to handlebar triple clamps.
  • -Thumb Switch: Mounts near left grip to allow for easy access to all functions. Sensor: Rugged, stainless steel sensor and aluminum mounting bracket. For KTM riders the sensor screws directly into the original sensor hole.
  • -Sensor & Magnet: Full time sensor operation indicator. Extra strong rare earth magnet.Aluminum plate and stainless steel hardware for attachment to front disc.
  • -Instructions: Complete mounting instructions for all popular bikes.Very easy operation.
  • -Case Size: 93mm x 47mm x 30mm deep.
  • - 1 Year warranty.