F2R 730 Roadbook Reader


The F2R 730 Roadbook Reader is a high quality roadbook reader with aluminum housing and electric motor to scroll like rally-style roadbooks. Includud is an internal LED backlight and handlebar thumb-switch. The F2R 730 mounts to the round cross-bar with clamps included or directly to any flat surface. The F2R 730 Roadbook Reader is the less expensive of two versions of F2R electric roadbook readers. It has been proven reliable by rally riders and racers in events all over the world for several years now. For the more racing-oriented version, please have a look at the F2R "RB750". more

One size.


  • - New shape and cover make it stronger and more resistant to water and dust.
  • - Roadbooks paper rolls up to 46mm thick (max. 150mm wide).
  • - Upgraded shafts and paper guides (from the RB750).
  • - Bigger, stronger thumbswitch with IP67 connectors (water and dust protection).
  • - Connects to motorcycle battery 12V DC power and includes a 1.5 amp fuse.
  • - Plug and play compatibility with the Combo F2R and ICO switch upgrade.
  • - Holds 60 A5 paper sheets or 12 meters of paper roll (80gsm paper).
  • - Manufactured in aluminium for low weight and high mechanical resistance.
  • - High water and dust resistance even in severe conditions use.
  • - Cover in aluminium and highly transparent polycarbonate with a view area of 160x110mm.
  • - Includes spare cover latch o-ring.
  • - Attractive design.
  • - Included a standard mounting kit for 10 or 12mm crossbars with vibration absorption.
  • - Remote control with forward and backward switch.
  • - Low footprint mounting kit for 22m tubular handlebars.

F2R 730 Roadbook Reader size:

  • - Dimensions : 200x125x75 mm, excluding knobs.
  • - Weight : 850 gr. (excluding remote and mounting kit).

F2R 730 Roadbook Reader kit includes:

  • - Electric F2R 730 Roadbook Reader holder.
  • - RB734 – Remote control.
  • - RB724 – Electric connection kit.
  • - RB737 – Mounting kit.
  • - RB736 – Spare cover lock bel.