Alpine Motosafe Ear Plugs


AlpineMotosafe earplugs are designed to fit into the ear and keep high dense noices out. They are made from thermo shape materials, giving the motosafe earplugs the soft bendable look and feel. As the ears warm up the motosafe earplugs sets out due to the heat. Alpine Motosafe has also developed filters for every application. From motorcycles, swimming, racing, construction, flying and even more

One size.


Alpine Motosafe is developed for out most protection and convenience while enjoying your trip on the motorcycle.

  • - Every packet contains 2 sets of earplugs, heavy filter and lighter filters.
  • - Optimal Protection.
  • - Shoulder protector impact tested and CE certified to EN 1621-1.
  • - Although the filter block out the wind noise, you can still hear you communication system.
  • - Comes with a carry case for protection of the earplugs and not to loose them.